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Protect Your Trees

with revolutionary trunk injection technology!

We inject Arborjet’s products directly into the transport system of your trees to ensure the treatment is fast acting, effective, environmentally responsible, and long lasting.

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    Call us and our tree service professionals will inspect your trees to identify pest problems or threats

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    Once tree problems are identified, our tree service professionals will put your trees on a custom Arborjet treatment program.

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    To ensure satisfaction our tree service professionals will revisit your property to inspect your trees and recommend how to keep them healthy.

The Best Tree Pest Control and Removal in West Texas

In Partnership with Arborjet to Project Your Yard Trees

Nemir Pest and Lawn offers the arbor protection services for your home and business by protecting your trees from unwanted pests.  When Nemir Pest and Lawn treats your trees in West Texas our goal is protect you against insects that make your trees their home.  Not only is treating your trees important to their long-term health but arbor treatment from tree insects, and tree diseases also keeps your lawn and home or business healthy as well.

Tree Pest Control Services Provided by Local Experts in Sweetwater, Texas

Trees provide environmental and economic value annually in Texas homes and businesses. Trees increase property values and save on operating costs in Sweetwater and surrounding areas. Watering, heating, cooling, storm water run-off, and CO2 reduction are just a few of the cost savings we get from trees. Tree removal can cost $500-$5000, per tree, making trunk injection a very cost effective solution.  Make the investment to protect your trees on your residential or business property by letting the local tree pest control experts at Nemir Pest and Lawn show you the best tree treatments in West Texas

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Tree Insect Removal and Treatment

Tree Deficiency Treatment

Tree Disease Treatment

Tree Pest Control in Sweetwater, Texas the Big Country

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