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Sweetwater, Texas Pest and Lawn
  • Early Spring

    Weed Control: Pre-Emergent control of grassy weeds and broadleaf weed control.

  • Late Spring

    Fertilize: Balance for color and strong growth. Inspection and treatment of broadleaf weed control and/or grassy weeds.

  • Summer

    Fertilize: Balance to meet lawn and seasonal weather conditions.

    Inspection and Treatment for broadleaf weed control and/or grassy weeds.

    Inspection and Recommendation for insect problems and fungus.

  • Late Summer

    Fertilize: Balanced for fall color and recovery from summer stress.

  • Late Fall

    Fertilize: Balanced for fall color and recovery from summer stress.

  • Winter

    Winterize to keep grass roots healthy.  Reduce winter dead spots.

Choose Nemir Pest and Lawn for West Texas Lawn Proection

Why Choose Nemir Pest and Lawn Service

Having a great lawn for your business or home is not easy in West Texas, Nemir Pest and Lawn know just how to keep your yard lush in even the harshest weather conditions.  We offer the best lawn fertilization services in Sweetwater, Abilene, and surrounding Big Country and add the much needed nutrients to your lawn throughout the year.  Our lawn care technicians specialize in weed control in the Big Country, offering long-term relief from unsightly weeds with our 3 step program.  Finally, Nemir Pest and Lawn protects your lawn from insects and diseases that might otherwise ruin your lawn, including killing ants through our year long protection services.

Lawn Services Provided by Local Experts in Sweetwater, Abilene, and Big Country

It’s amazing what can happen when the experts of Nemir Pest and Lawn are contracted to provide nutrients and protect to your house or businesses exterior.  Below is a list of the lawn services we provide to our West Texas clients;

Lawn Fertilization

Weed Control

Insect Control

Tree and Shrub Care

Disease Control

Watch Your Texas Lawn Grow with Nemir Pest and Lawn

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