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Nemir Pest and Lawn Service

For over 20 years Nemir Pest and Lawn has been providing commercial and residential pest control and lawn treatment services.  No one knows pest and lawn control better in the Big Country than Nemir Pest and Lawn, offering comprehensive pest control services and low-toxicity weed control in Sweetwater, Texas and surrounding areas.  We offer free estimates for our valued West Texas customers for tree pest care, pest control, and lawn care.  Give us a call today and find out why Nemir Pest and Lawn is the Big Country’s choice for pest control, lawn care, tree care, termite control, rodent control, and mosquito control.  We offer lawn and pest services for oil fields and wind farms and have several years of experience providing these services in West Texas and in the Sweetwater area.

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Tree Protection in Sweetwater, Texas by a Licenses Distributor

Professional Lawn Services in Sweetwater

Local Experts in Lawn Protection

Having a great lawn for your business or home is not easy in West Texas, Nemir Pest and Lawn know just how to keep your yard lush in even the harshest weather conditions.  We offer the best lawn fertilization services in Sweetwater, adding the much needed nutrients to your lawn throughout the year.  Our lawn care technicians specialize in weed control in the Big Country, offering long-term relief from unsightly weeds with our 5 step program.  Finally, Nemir Pest and Lawn keeps insects from ruining your lawn in Sweetwater, Texas as well by killing insects in lawn with our year-round pest protection.

Lawn Fertilization

Weed Control

Insect Control

Tree and Shrub Care

Disease Control

Get the Best Lawn on the Block

Year Round Protection
  • Early Spring

    Weed Control: Pre-Emergent control of grassy weeds and broadleaf weed control.

  • Late Spring

    Fertilize: Balance for color and strong growth. Inspection and treatment of broadleaf weed control and/or grassy weeds.

  • Summer

    Fertilize: Balance to meet lawn and seasonal weather conditions.

    Inspection and Treatment for broadleaf weed control and/or grassy weeds.

    Inspection and Recommendation for insect problems and fungus.

  • Late Summer

    Fertilize: Balanced for fall color and recovery from summer stress.

  • Late Fall

    Fertilize: Balanced for fall color and recovery from summer stress.

  • Winter

    Winterize to keep grass roots healthy.  Reduce winter dead spots.

Pest Control Services Sweetwater, Texas

Inside Out Pest Control Lasting Year Round

Nemir Pest and Lawn offers the best pest control services in the Sweetwater, Texas the surrounding big country.  Our pest control specialists will perform a free inspection of your home or business and will work with you to develop a comprehensive program and custom treatment that fits your needs.  Our pest treatment offers protection from pests and insects on both the exterior and interior of your West Texas home or business.  We make it our personal goal to rid your home or business from mosquitos, ants, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, and many many more.

Termite Control

Wasp & Bee Removal

Bed Bug Treatment

Flee & Tick Control

Mosquito Control

Ant Removal

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